Tuesday, 3 May 2016

JOZI Land Art 2016

JOZI Land Art 2016, #JoziLandArt


APRIL 2016

Lehlohonolo Mkhasibe, curator

Picnic Basket 

Picnic Basket by Ubuhle Bobuntu Arts
A vision of an impressionist picnic basket comes to mind, it is associated with the peoples journey. When they go out of their usual place to find themselves in order to find their inner self and the way of direction, If you look at botanical gardens are spaces where one gets to relax and enjoy natures tranquility with people the love, We believe natural things have a good impact on ecosystem as nature is our teacher, we are the students under the nature, we must find the God secret in all natural things to evolve as human. As is the words of Gandhi “what we are dong in\to the forests of the world is about a mirror reflection on what we are doing to ourselves.

Ant Sculptures

One of several ants constructed by Ubuhle Bobuntu Arts
We have to knit a sculpture of indigenous ants that are found on the gardens from recycled branches. Together as a team we discussed the life of these ants in terms of social cohesions and cooperation as colonies part of an ecosystem. The inspiration is based on the Zulu proverb “VUKA VILA UFUNDE ENTUTHWANENI” Its an educational metaphor that shows diversity of teamwork and preparation for days of darkness, when it comes it will find us that we are well informed about the logistics of the eco-system so that we can preserve our environments for the next generation to come. “ ideas without action becomes a nightmare because people always share ideas without acting upon them, that is just like you are busy filling up a car with gas un aware that its full… so people must move like the ants” say Lehlohonolo Mkhasibe (UBA curator).


Nature & land art interventions

Workshops with Anni Snyman (Site_Specific), the Boitumelo Project (Hillbrow), & 
Erica Lüttich (The Outreach Foundation)

Photo documentation by Ubuhle Bobuntu Arts

Artists' guidelines: Site_Specific-Good-Practice-Guidelines.pdf


by Ubuhle Bobuntu Arts & katty vandenberghe (Site_Specific)


  • Lehlohonolo Mkhasibe
  • Mzie Gojo
  • Thulani Zondo
  • Sinalithemba Ntuli
  • Virginia Ramovha
  • Thabo Molopo
  • Mightar Makgotla